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Brass Balls Kelly

Back to our normal schedule this week of livestreaming on Twitch on a Saturday night, Dave, John, and I host a good episode with some good feedback this week. In the current events category we talk Speaker, civil war, died suddenly, sportsball, and Twitter files. Just a reminder, the fact that the left wasn’t shocked and pissed off about the government censorship shows that they were in on it the whole time… probably should prepare for the inevitable at this point. In the Discord topic suggestions we talk “tridemic”. What is that you might ask, listen and find out. We also talk about what flies off the shelves first in a panic in our area.

This week in Dave’s History Class he gives an animated history of Ned Kelly and his gang. In John Down Under, we learn about the Australian space program and the SIAA. For my Farm and Garden segment, I talk about garden planning for this coming spring. All this and more in this weeks episode.

Some Links: USDA Hardiness Zones, Victory Seed, Burpee, Nature & Nurture

Full length videos with extras available on Odysee

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