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Is It A New Year Yet?

Welcome to the first episode of 2023. Dave, John, and I are back for the first episode of the new year, and we are joined by none other than the famous Shmitty. Shmitty is a long time supporter, follower, and all-star moderator. With his arrival to the show, we also introduce the limited time release of the Shmitty 2024 t-shirt in our gear shop, go check it out and pick one up before the end of January.

This week due to the holidays we changed it up a little by not doing our individual segments. Instead, we cover a little current events such as Rand Paul’s annual Festivus Report on government spending. We talk a little about the border which leads to more discussion on the $100B tax dollars being sent to Ukraine. Also welcome to the worst year since 2008 for the stock market. For listener topics we didn’t get through many, but talk about our opinion on Musk and Twitter banning journalist and more impressions on Musk’s Twitter. We also talked about our Christmas and New Years celebrations and finally what our resolutions are this year. All that and more in this week’s episode.

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