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Tommy Gun Turnover

Welcome to another new week from Dave, John, and I. This episode we talk about a wide range as usual. Starting out with the proposed gas stove ban and how they are sort of back pedaling after the outrage. CDC investigating a certain shot that is leading to “died suddenly“, will they stop pushing it? We can’t forget the classified and “top-secret” documents found in a presidential garage, no it isn’t Trump.

In this weeks segment of Dave’s History Class, he talks about Lola Montez. In John Down Under, we find about the Owen Machinegun and how it looks like an upside-down Thompson. In my farm and garden, I give you a list of five easy and essential herbs to grow for medicinal uses and answer some listener questions. All this and more on this weeks podcast.

Huge shout out to Fresh Coast Knife Company for providing me with some blade eye candy for this episode with my new EDC blade, go check him out. Hand forged and great quality.

Don’t forget that you can watch our full unedited video including the extra 15-20 minutes of extras at Odysee, and join our Discord to talk to us anytime.

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