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About Us

Those three dudes are three friends that live around Michigan.

Luke, Dave, Alec, and Chris; Those 3 Dudes + 1

Luke is the oldest of the group with a mixed bag of history doing everything from farm work and warehouse logistics to web design and sales management. He loves hiking, shooting, and paintball. His drink of choice is various local beers and bourbon or almost any Guinness.

Chris is the tallest one of the three musketeers. He owns a small soap and beard maintenance company on the side and works in a warehouse for fun. His turn-ons include glorious beards, accuracy by volume, and the smell of burnt cordite. His drink of choice is the margarita.

Dave is the babyface of the friends by being the youngest and probably the most ruthless. He enjoys long walks in the sand wearing only a smile and a sword belt. When he isn’t burning off copper jacketed freedom seeds, he’s comparing Toyotas to other vehicles or monitoring a pile of gravel. His drink of choice is hard, anything hard.

The 4th Dude:

Alec was hatched from beneath the frozen surface of Hudson Bay in the land of maple syrup and ham disguised as bacon. Screen-printer by trade and gun-nut by birth, he knows his way around a precision rifle, but just barely knows which end of an AR the bullets come out of. #FuckTrudeau