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Podcast Disclaimer

This podcast is recorded and released for your entertainment. The hosts are friends that reserve the right to have their own opinions. The hosts are not your medical doctor and any medical information given on the website or in any podcast is not medical advice for you or any other listener or reader and is only for informative purposes, consult your personal medical professional before using any of the information. Any information discussed or mentioned on the website or in any podcasts should not be assumed to be factual or accurate and are released by the hosts to make you aware of the topic. Do your own research if you would like to validate if information is factual or accurate, as you should with all journalism. The hosts, guests, or any other staff associated with this website or podcast are not liable for any actions, misinterpretations, or misinformation that may result from listeners or readers. The hosts speak their mind and their opinions, and they may use inappropriate language including swearing, sexual innuendo, and may not be politically correct.