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Encrypt Your Life

Chris, Dave, and I are back this week although we start out a man down due to an emergency call Dave almost had to run. First things first, we each give you our “what we did for liberty this past week”. Our anonymous listener or troll question of the week was “what do you think the future of covid is?” Please remember you can submit your own random question about anything, and use a fake email if you want to stay anonymous.

The current events we talk about this week of course include our awesome State of Michigan (directed toward the State and not the actual peninsulas that are beautiful) that is trying to become the Florida of the north. The AG is threatening journalist over publishing alleged voter fraud admissions and yet at least one county clerk blew the whistle on the software that many counties and states use to tabulate votes switched the majority of votes from one candidate to another. In many ways, the European Union is a model for the leftist in government who want to be just like their previous masters. When the French PM and Austrian Chancellor propose requiring back door access to encrypted messaging apps to spy on the peasants, take note because Biden and Harris will most likely try to get congress to do the same. With Biden taking office, you can probably expect the same Obama era government surveillance that never really ended, but was more targeted toward political affiliations seemed more Orwellian along with there will always be an increasing tech industry farming you for info to sell as well. Encrypt your data as much as possible, use Signal or Telegram (not Facebook owned WhatsApp) for texting and instant messaging, use encrypted email like ProtonMail or Thunderbird (you have to manually select encryption for Thunderbird to have encryption, but it is available), safeguard your internet browsing and searching by using Brave with Tor activated and using Duck Duck Go as your search engine. Those are all suggestions that we have experience with.

Other current events we talk about include Deutsche Bank proposing governments taxing work from home employees extra to redistribute wealth. They use the estimate of generating an extra $48 billion in taxes to be redistributed in the US. Finally we end on a brighter note, if you are outside the city lights and the sky clears up; look up. The Leonid meteor show is November 16-17th and the moon is going to be at 5% of its illumination so it will be easier to see.

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