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Fall of the Republic

This week Dave, Chris, and I are joined by Tyler from Tyler joins us to tell us about his business that in the words of Dave is to “take our money and piss off our wives”. Yes he is the distributor of many cool firearms and cool gadgets for the man or woman in your life that may have everything, but not everything. We ask how the plandemic treated his business and what Biden might do. Follow Onyxarms on Facebook and Instagram.

Although this episode we had plans to try to avoid the drama of ShitShow2020, it was kind of hard to avoid it. This weeks anonymous question was “What do you think we should expect after a Biden victory?”. To get your anonymous question answered by the dudes, please ask us on the question form and just make up the email address if you want it anonymous, we don’t care. To go along with this week’s question, our main topic for this episode is we each suggest you do for the future uncertainty.

This week current events are pretty self explanatory; Biden won, move on with life. Use the answers from the main topic to improve your situation if you are truly concerned. The other current event is actually sorta some good news, Oregon sorta decriminalized most drugs.

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