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Censorship of Medicine

This week Dave, Chris, and me (Luke) try to lighten the mood a little bit as well as touching on some important stuff. First we are going to start out talking about the media’s censorship of medicine, mostly doctors talking about the proper use of hydroxychloroquine and the smear campaign they have against it and anyone who talks about it. The public face of the “deep state” and hypothetical reasons for the censorship and burial of the truth. Then we will lighten the mood and talk about Chris’s and Dave’s new acquisitions in the firearms world. Somehow we side track the conversation into a 48 hour camping and shooting trip we had sorta as a group once called “Camp Freedom”. Next we get back into it with a story about how Hong Kong or China has issued six warrants for citizens of other countries which was discussed in episode 1. To round out the sorta more serious aspect of the show, we talk briefly about the latest MURDER HORNET INVASION…. whoa… And then back to our side tracking nature, we remember our past paintball experiences. We round out the episode with our question of the week based off the meme circulating asking if you travel back in time and met your 18 year old self, what are the only three words you can say to yourself.

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