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Get A Job, Not Degree

This week it is the two man team of Dave and myself (Luke), Chris is out of town and of course we have to bust his balls over it, but we still love him so he better come back. Not to mention we are not that awesome with our bad audio, we apologize for this fact, unfortunately both of our internet connections were having issue throughout the episode. Oh by the way because I said I was Going to… sorry Chris, but I may have made Dave shoot RC Cola out his nose (join us on Patreon to find out, shameless plug) with your “senior picture” remake.

This week we start out talking about the death of higher education or the industry that is higher education. We then lighten up with bacon for one of our loyal fans who wanted more bacon. Back into serious mode with #SaveTheChildren and media protection of pedophiles. Of course we get sidetracked into shit actors and who in Hollywood might actually deserves our money. We go from social justice warrior celebrities into the Attorney General of New York thinking that hey can kill the NRA and those that think some how the dissolving the NRA will return their lost rights into the Beirut boom. All that and more in this weeks episode.

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