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A Full Week Including The Aliens

This has been a busy week in news media which gave us a lot to talk about. In the news that we covered, we had the hit on the judge by the disgruntled “Fedex” guy. Hurry is still out whether it actually had anything to do with Epstein (like the truth will ever come out, hey I don’t want to be suicided either). We then discuss the 400 plus pages being unsealed from Maxwell’s civil trial. (#MaxwellDidNotDieofCovid) How about taking a trip on some of the most exotic import vehicles as we talk about UFOs and the Pentagon. After we debate the possible perks of the Space Force and get back to “business”, we talk about the Democrats changing their names for the PC world of 2020. Switching gears we talk a little about what “jewelry” might grow out of the Chinese seeds that have been randomly showing up in mailboxes. To round out the episode, “What is one skill you wish you were taught as a child”? All that and more in this weeks Those 3 Dudes.

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Till next week, remember #TaxationisTheft

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