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No Step On Snek

On this week’s episode, the Dudes include Chris, Dave, John, and Luke. It has been awhile since four dudes were on. In the current events, the guys throw in their comments on Intuitive Machines explorer that landed on the Moon. There is also speculations on who might be Trump’s running mate after Gabbard endorsed Trump, along with how he just beat Hailey in South Carolina’s primary election.

This week although Chris doesn’t have a regular segment, the other three dudes ask him about his recent and current weight loss achievements. On Dave’s History Class, Dave gives the history of the *Gadsden flag after his wife received grief from co-workers. On John Down Under, John talks about one of the most famous Aussie basketball player, Luc Longley. On Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prepping, Luke goes through some of the apps on his phone that he uses daily or around the homestead as tools. On this week’s Herb of the Week, Luke discusses the traditional use of *meadowsweet or Filipendula ulmaria as an anti-inflammatory for digestive issues and muscle joint pain in the past. All this and more on this weeks episode.

Some links to apps that Luke recommended for your phone:

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