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Jimmy Joins Us

On this week of Those 3 Dudes, the Dudes John and Luke are joined by Luke’s mini version, Jimmy. Jimmy is a typical teenager in high school and helps give the dudes some prospective from the youth of today. Nothing was in the Notable News docket from Discord, so they talk a little about the acorn that ended an officer’s career and almost killed an unarmed man. Luke also gets into Michigan going back to the old purchase permits of the past on handguns and John talks a little about New Mexico’s new waiting period.

This week on John Down Under, John talks about the road trains of Australia. Luke finds a video to share on the livestream of the longest train. On Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prepping, Luke talks about some basic house repairs that home owners and renters should learn or know to save money and be more self sufficient. The plumbing fitting that Luke mentioned that you should keep a couple on hand for emergency is the *Shark Bite. This week’s Herb of the Week is the oak tree. Oak leaves and *inner bark historically was used medicinally for external wounds and rashes. All that and more on this week’s episode of Those 3 Dudes.


  1. Mira Mira

    This video is wonderful and I’m glad you guys could get the view from someone who is growing up learning this stuff. I have a few song requests for you—the Machine by Tom McDonald and The System by Tom McDonald. I think you guys might relate to these songs. Have a nice day!

    • Not really our style, but quite fitting. Thank you for the recommendation.

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