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WWOD (What Would Orwell Do)

Happy 1984! Remember we have always been at war with Eurasia…. Oh Wait. For this weeks episode Dave, John, and Luke are back to give you the current events that may be relevant to some. This week the Dudes talk about Fitch credit ratings and how it effects people. Luke plays a short video from a Maui resident giving a little more info from the fires (sorta). The Dudes talk a little about Oliver Anthony and his song Rich Men North of Richmond. Finally, you get to hear part of an advertisement to get retail companies to institute facial recognition in their stores, which prompts this week’s title.

On John Down Under, John talks about the Australian women soccer team, the Matildas. Dave talks about the World War two German anti-ship glide bomb, the Henschel Hs 293 on Dave’s History Class. On Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prepping, Luke talks about making your own apple cider. For Luke’s medicinal herb of the week, Luke also talks about the benefits of ground ivy. All that and more on this weeks episode.

The podcast Luke mentions at the beginning of the episode that he wears a hat from in this episode is by Kevin P. Owens, it used to be the Kevin Owens Podcast, now it is The Overmatch Consulting Podcast.

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