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Chupacabra Did It

Three Dudes are here this week for the show, Dave, John, and Luke bring you some current events along with their individual segments. This week in the current events segment Luke starts out playing a segment from an Australian Senate hearing with Pfizer. Australian Senators are investigating deaths possibly associated with the Covid “vaccine”. The Dudes discuss the City of Atlanta, GA demolished the wrong house and are now suing the victim of their error for the cost of demolition. Special counsel has been elevated to investigate Hunter Biden further and hypothetical theories on the 2024 presidential election to end the current events.

This week on John Down Under, John talks about the Aussie/American joint surveillance base of Pine Gap. On this latest edition of Dave’s History Class, we find out what a Chupacabra is and that a Chupacabra stole Dave’s and possibly John’s catalytic converter. This week Luke talks about teaching shooting skills to your spouse or significant other on Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prepping. Luke also talks about his medicinal herb of the week, *elderberry. Dave also adds a herb to this weeks list as well, ghost pipe. All that and more this week on Those 3 Dudes.

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