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Does The Matrix Have You

Welcome to another hard hitting, no hold bar podcast with your hosts Dave, John, and Luke. We got right into it in this episode with a question from our Discord, “Do you believe we could be living in a simulation?”. From that we got into last weeks current events. We talk about the possible connection between the US and Nord 1 & 2 explosions. We discuss the up coming central bank digital currencies and how they will effect you. The ATF is being sued by half the country and more, did your state join the lawsuits? The drug companies in politician back pockets officially got a “drug” that is now not being recommended in other 1st world countries for adults under 50, to be added to the child immunization schedule.

For topic segments this week Dave covers Norse Mythology and Odin in Dave’s History Class. In John Down Under, he talks about Australian Astronaut Dr. Andrew Thomas AO. In Luke’s Farm & Garden, we talk about setting up a garden for the kids. All this and more on this episode, check it out.

Full video w/extras available on Odysee for 10 LBC

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