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Pesky Telemarketers

This week it is just John and I bringing you the news that you might want to hear. What do we have for you this week, Well here we go. First we talk about the courts in Illinois upholding a temporary retraining order on the state for their “assault weapon” ban. We talk about USA Today’s article about use of certain greetings maybe offensive to those cultures if we try to use them to greet those cultures. Was it a spy balloon that China sent over, or was it really just someone trying to talk to you about your vehicle extended warranty?

This week on John Down Under, he talk instead about his home of Australia, but rather his current home of New Mexico and their gun control legislation. In my segment I hit on two things, first prepare for the common disasters that will hit everyone at least once before you prep for whatever “prepper porn novel” you have read. Number two, I talk about making and maintaining an inventory of your preps. All this and more, including John’s cat, in this weeks episode.

The link for Fold card and app link that I mentioned at the beginning of the episode is here.

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