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The Reset

This week Dave, Chris, and I are back for your enjoyment (or ours). We add a new segment to the weekly routine to go with what we did for liberty, the anonymous question of the week, and what you drinking; what are you holding in your hand. Yes, I know the new segment raises question; is it appropriate, or do you need an Only Fans profile to see the answer, listen and you will find out or join our Supporting Member section and see. Our anonymous question of the week which really wasn’t a question and we would really like the author of it resubmit it in the form of a question, however we try to answer it the best we can. As submitted to us, “I want to hear you guys talk about the possibility of 12 years of Harris as president. These first four will not count towards her allowed total. Cause technically Biden was the one elected president”. Remember that you can submit a anonymous question for us to answer at Ask a Question.

It could be the annoyance or just sickness of hearing the echo chamber of the election and covid, but we did not focus as much effort into the current events this week. We talk about the first Space X mission to take astronauts to the International Space Station and the space program. Then of course we did talk a little about the election and Wayne County of our state of Michigan. The main topic is not really tinfoil hat although most people that do not want their perfect mental bliss of potato chips and sports ball or celebrity gossip world disrupted will still claim to be as they ignore world leaders publicly in mainstream media actually talk about it is “The Great Reset” or as Trudeau even called it Agenda 2030 (previously known as Agenda 21). Unfortunately we do not have a week to go into full details of the roughly thousand pages to the United Nations Agenda 2030 documents, so we only really touch on a few points to it and the fact that its coming no matter who you vote for and what you can do to mediate the effect of it on your life.

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