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Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes

This week Chris and I are running with a little less supervision without Dave, but I think we manage without much trouble. Although we start out getting in-depth on the topic of root beer and hipster rinks, we do migrate back to topics on liberty sorta. As far as current events this week we talk about the looming food shortage to start. Next we talk about the Great Barrington Declaration and the more than 7000 medical professionals from around the world that have signed it saying that Covid lock downs are more harm than good. After the Covid hysteria, how about we talk a little about the declassification of CIA memos referring to the Russian Collusion hoax and Hilary. Finally our peninsulas of Michigan is making more national/international news between The Gretch’s executive orders being struck down as unconstitutional and then the stupid games/stupid prizes of a group of disgruntled Michiganders conspiring to kidnap The Gretch to put on trial, yeah it ended about the same way as the attempt in the past to march on DC and citizen arrest other politicians. All that and more on this weeks episode. Also prize package giveaway alert, listen to the end to learn how to enter free and easy way to win a bad ass prize package.

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