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From The Car

This week Dave, Chris, and I relive the past by recording the episode through a phone call due to our awesome Michigan weather and the lack of internet at two of our houses. We are sorry for the audio quality in advance and there will not be video for this episode.

First things first, we tell what we did for the liberty in our lives this past week. Then we answer our first anonymous question to come through our new “Ask us a question” form on the website by telling all you kick ass people what one super power we wish we each had. Please feel free to troll us or just simply ask us a question through the form on our site and we will most likely answer it on the next episode. You can also still email us at with any questions, comments, or gripes.

Current events that we talk about include the best (full sarcasm) state of California and their asinine attempts at curbing the exodus of residents along with failed tries to ban the first amendment, the take away, UC San Diego students will have even higher tuitions in the foreseeable future. Then more on our state of Michigan involving an end to Whitmer’s illegal orders, but not really and possibly a special recall election in the future as well. Illinois is not going to further charge Kyle Rittenhouse, but Wisconsin is. Finally, how intelligent would you be to drop off computers to be repaired with incriminating evidence on them, well we talk about Hunter Biden and just that.

Before we end the show for the week, we each give a little prediction of what we believe 2021 will look like along with one cool preparedness item we each have bought that was less than cool. All this and more in this week’s episode.

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    Glad to see the gay guy is back for this episode!

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