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Supreme Decisions

This week John and Luke host the podcast, your favorite independent journalists are a little flustered and several side tangents, but they pull it off. On the episode, the two Dudes of the week talk about three rulings from the US Supreme Court over the past week. Get your tinfoil hat on for the malaria “coincidences” with the guys. Good cop vs. bad cop, Orlando police officer gets arrested for speeding and fleeing. Unfortunately forgot to talk about the current happenings from France this past week, like was promoted as a topic on Nostr.

On John Down Under, John talks about the Sydney Tower in Sydney, Australia. On Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prep, Luke talks about testing your bugout bag or get home bag by camping. Luke and Shmitty started comparing camping notes through the livestream chat towards the end as well. All that and more on this weeks episode of Those 3 Dudes.

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