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Less Little Swimmers

This week Dave, John, and I give you some of the 411. Really though we start out with some listener topics suggested from our Discord channel involving milking cows and their motivation to try drinking it, which spawned into how you milk a nut. In the current events we talk about a completely “non-bias” investigation being done by the by the people being investigated. The Ukraine shoots a couple missiles into Poland at the same time Biden cancels his meetings at the G20 for “health issues”. Fedcoin is closer than ever with a pilot program being started. Trump 2024 or Shmitty “I can’t break it worse” 2024, Shmitty has our endorsement. Men our swimmers are losing the battle 62% of the time. The federal reserve says you shouldn’t get a raise. John leads with John Down Under talking about the Australian War Memorial. In Dave’s History Class, Dave talks about the history of Gettysburg National Cemetery. I talk about preparing for travel during the holidays. All this and more on this weeks episode.

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