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Vote If You Want To

On this weeks episode, Dave, John, and I are joined by long time special guest and former founding dude Chris. We talk about Musk and Twitter take over. We feel compelled to mention mid-term elections, by the way Shmitty and Nolan have thrown their names in the ring for write-in candidates, they don’t care what for, just write them in. We address the click-bait diesel fuel shortage also. On Dave’s History Class, we hear about the gun powder rebellion… those that went along with the pandemic should probably re-watch V For Vendetta. John Down Under talks about a very personal subject this week with the Changi POW camp from World War 2. For my segment i talk about backing-up important information. All this and more on this weeks podcast.

We also have an announcement, we have decided to suspend the Supporting Member registration and program. We will not be taking new members and those current members will not have their accounts renewed going forward after their membership expires. Current members can still login and use their benefits, but due to lack of interest in the program and with big tech actively censoring private, non-public media files; us at Those 3 Dudes have chose to not participate in their system any longer. Our full videos with all the extras will still be available to everyone on our Odysee channel for the same LBC token price that we always have had, and as always our audio only podcast will always be free on Odysee as well as Podcast Index even if big tech starts to censor those as well.

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