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Eliminations Of Foreign Competition

This week Chris joins Alec, Dave, John, and I for a little while as we talk about Dave’s new EDC tools, some current events, and of course our individual segments. I must apologize, the audio is shakey in places. I had planned on just cutting the audio from our Twitch stream for the podcast, but even Twitch crashed on us. This week in Dave’s history class we talk about Bill Clinton’s act of terrorism with the bombing of Sudan’s main pharmaceutical manufacturer. Alec gives a history on Winchester bolt action rifles. John talks about a engineering marvel that actual helped bring more people to Australia when they built the Snowy Mountain Water Pipeline. I talk about home security beyond having a gun, which I will always recommend having plenty of those as well. In news we talk about Jose Alba being charged for murder in NYC for defending himself. Also Supreme Court’s Egbert v. Boule, gun control in Japan, Sri Lanka, and Nick in our Discord reminded us of more fatal errors that have come out regarding Uvalde police, all this and more in this episode.

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