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The Soyboy Crisis

This week Alec, Chris, Dave, and I start this train wreck off right with a botched introduction and a cat sabotaging Dave’s feed. Our anonymous listener or troll question of the week was “What book would you recommend for a young adult to read? ” This continues the derailing of this week’s topic. Please remember you can submit your own random question about anything, and use a fake email if you want to stay anonymous.

Our topic for the week is the coming and current grain shortages effecting the world, even those that do not consume grains in their diets. We discuss some of the information that has come out over the last year. I recommend checking out the Ice-Age Farmer who stays up to date on food shortages and climate shifts. I also read part of an opinion piece from Agrinews about soybeans in the United States. After trying to stay on track with the current problems, all of us discuss solutions short of buying a thousand acres and growing your own grains.

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