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Disliking The Dislike

Dave and I are by ourselves this week to talk about a broad range of stuff. Our anonymous listener or troll question of the week was “If you had Superman’s x-ray vision, would you use it for nefarious activities?” And the answer to that question results in another, could you not? Please remember you can submit your own random question about anything, and use a fake email if you want to stay anonymous.

After the weekly house keeping of questions we got into the main topics of the week. Of course we had to talk a little about the Chauvin trial, which will most likely end in more “mostly peaceful protesting”. How about the newest in the world of censorship and manipulation by YouTube (yes it is a private company, with government protections…. hmmm fascism anyone). The SEC is currently trying to censor decentralized video platforms by trying to put the companies or LBRY and Odysee out of business, but showing that they don’t understand how it works, it would not shut down the LBRY blockchain and not censor anyone already using it. To help fight against censorship, go create a Odysee account for free or go to The global warming cult scientist are going all Monty Burns, well not exactly, but in essence yes. Finally at the end of current events, Arkansas is the newest state to outlaw federal firearms laws.

A new addition or change to the show was discussed by Dave and I off the air, but started this week. We would like to go more into actual topics and less current events, so this week Dave and I discuss some dos and don’t to first aid kits. Dave is registered emergency medical technician, and I am a shade-tree medic. One thing that both of us can agree on is that you get some medical training for preparedness reason whether a professional course through Red Cross or other recognized organization, or through self-researching like through people like Joe and Amy Alton.

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