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Drunk Dave And Pantless Alec, Again

This week the whole gang is here, even if one is slightly inebriated. Yes Dave is buzzed from white Russians and Alec is without pants, which we are informed is how he normally is on our podcasts. Chris is stroking his gun, and I’m old and in pain. We come back after our week off to have fun as usual. Our anonymous listener or troll question of the week was “End of the world as we know it has happened, Mad Max, Walking Dead, The Road all wrapped into one type of scenario; what is playing on your Walkman?” The answers might surprise you, but lets hear yours as well Please remember you can submit your own random question about anything, and use a fake email if you want to stay anonymous.

In actual topics this week, there is a lot more paintball as I try to convince Dave to get back into it as well. We also talk about how for some reason Dr. Seuss is labeled racist after 80 years, but for some reason FDR still has statues up. And Dave already has his next stimulus check spend that only will cost each of us more than $5000 to pay off our $1400 relief checks.

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