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This week Dave and I hold the fort as Chris and Alec both had family stuff come up last minute. After finding out what we are holding and drinking today, we talk about food preserving for a bit with making your own spice blends and storing them. Our anonymous listener or troll question of the week was a twofer because I liked the second one so much and time sensitivity, the first; “What is your favorite video game of all time?” Of course we had to talk about the game that we both find ourselves playing regularly currently, but then our childhood favorites were very similar. The second question spurred a brief rant until we got into the main topic of the capital happenings from this past week; “What is the best outfit for the new uniform of the boog?” Please remember you can submit your own random question about anything, and use a fake email if you want to stay anonymous.

Our main topic of the week was of course the “storming” of the capital building in Washington DC. We give our views on our rights to the capital building, but also the outcome and predictions of the future. No matter how anyone thought January 6th was going to turn out, only the puppet masters knew the outcome and it played out perfect for them to force their will on us again. Next we talk censorship, social media and more of the elite power class. Finally we decide we need to bring the richest publicly know person in the world on for an interview, yes that is you Elon. Elon just have your people contact our people (Dave, Chris, Alec, or I). Seriously though, we are looking to do more interviews, so please contact us if you are interested in coming on the show.

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