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What About BoB

This week Alec joins Dave, Chris, and I to give the true Canadian perspective, or at least a woke, free thinking, non-Trudy loving Canadian perspective. First we o around the table to find out what each of us did to preserve liberty in our lives for the week, followed by a good list of stuff to put in your bug-out or get-home bags, if you don’t already have one. For current events this past week, we got a little light hearted. We talk about Michigan governor Whitmer’s executive orders being struck down by Michigan Supreme Court as being unconstitutional. We talk about CNN’s highest paid person, Nick Sandmann and the denied attempts by several news agencies to avoid paying Sandmann for their smear campaigns. Alec gives s a ‘Rona update from our neighbors to the north, and then talk about Trumps positive test. We talk about a couple treatments that Australia has claimed as cures. Finally we end talking about 911 call operations going down around the country and a somewhat easy solution.

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