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The Cali Bash

This week Dave and I are joined by Wayne since Chris was out of town. In this weeks episode, California gets a lot of bashing, hence the name of the episode, but don’t worry west coast, you all get some of the credit. Topics this week include the wild fires of the west coast, the brass ball heroes of the California National Guard, shots fired in Portland by the left to escalate the civil war, hurricanes of the Gulf coast and the killer skeeters, and the social justice warriors of University of Michigan “accidentally” make an online racially segregated forum. All of that and our usual side tracks off topics and more in this weeks episode. A warning also, in the second half of the episode, my (Luke) internet started lagging and freezing and I apologize for that. Oh and if you wonder about the Hello Kitty picture in the video screenshot, become a supporting member and get the extra 20 minutes of video feed to find out… well sorta.

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