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Zuck’d, and Calling Business Owners

Zuck’d (z-uck-d) verb. To be removed by without notice from Facebook for having a differing political opinion or affiliation.

The Those 3 Dudes Podcast page and hosts were zuck’d on Thursday, why, who knows. Closest reason we can find is that the page had “liked” the QAnon page at some point. Oh well, we move on and although we are all torn in different ways, we all have our reasons as to what we are going to do about Facebook and we will continue our mission… which is… to bring you current events with our takes on them. First, to be zuck’d, we are all in agreement that if you think you are going to “get that Zuckerberg and show him” by joining Facebook again, you are doing exactly what he wants. Can’t really fight the zuck by giving him the numbers back that he can take to his advertisers and investors and say “Hey so yeah i booted hundreds of thousand of users off without warning, but look, they are coming crawling back so our numbers didn’t suffer. So keep paying me”. Ok, Luke rant done. Join our mailing list, or find us on MeWe.

Next we cover the former CIA officer that was charged with espionage after almost 20 years of investigation. We also find out that really it is not uncommon for the US to catch Chinese spies. After that we go into the latest attention seeking of the WHO by making claims that anyone with common sense already knew; the vaccine alone wont end the pandemic…. duh. We end topics with an article that says states can fine or arrest those that refuse the ‘rona vaccine.

Half way into the episode we talk about a special episode we are planning where we bring five other small business owners on to talk about their businesses and how the pandemic has effected them. The episode will be recorded during the second week of September and we are looking for a good variety of businesses and would like both online and brick and mortar businesses to participate. Our goal is to help small businesses with this special edition. Those that are interested, please email or comment on our website. This would be some free advertising so consider it.

Thank you for listening to another episode, please email us with any questions at, complaints go to (prepare for explicit replies on complaints)

Also because Patreon wants you to pay 3 times the amount we originally wanted to offer our supporter membership for, we have added a member portion to our site where for $12/year you can help us keep you slightly entertained by providing our podcast. Supporting member get access to the actual video of each of our podcasts including the before, after, and middles of our episodes when the audio podcast is not recording. Supporting members will also be put into a monthly drawing to win random prizes, and be able to eventually interact with Dave, Chris and myself during recording. Please visit our join us page to learn more.

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