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Dems Throwing It

This week Dave, Chris, and I are joined by Rodin from the prison state of California to discuss a wide range of current events that is the burning remnants of what has been 2020 so far. This week we start out with the Center for Disease Control’s quiet correction of Covid deaths from 150,000 to only 9200 that were only specifically deaths by Covid 19. There now that we said it, can we be done with the pharmaceutical/political scam yet? On to some cheerier news about Dave’s new hero, Kyle “the Man” Rittenhouse. We talk about the claim that his lawyer made of the AR being legally obtained and possessed in WI. We the need follow it up with the fact that the deep state is trying to kill the funding for Kyle’s defense, side note; Karl Marx was a Rothchild which clarifies a lot of Marxism. Then some more bright (not being sarcastic) news on Edward Snowden even though the full outcome is speculative. After that, we talk about the judge ruling on police action against protest/riots in Detroit and we do a little compare and contrast on the protests/riots of LA and Detroit. Finally we end the episode a man down as Dave had to leave early, but we get into the US debt and financial problems. For those of you that are or become supporting members, get ready for about 20-30 minutes extras from the video stream and I am sorry, avoid having kids or those with sensitive stomachs watching. We unfortunately ran out of time for the question of the week, which is a good one.

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