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Save The 2nd

This week Chris, Alec, and I are joined by Ron Carter from Save The Second. Ron comes on to tell us about Save The Second, an organization that originally was created to help restore the National Rifle Association to its former glory. Ron explains the challenges that they face and the current status of the organization.

Our anonymous listener or troll question of the week was more of a suggestion than a question, that is why we didn’t go over it in this weeks episode. It simply asked “Where’s the bacon?”, yes we have neglected the bacon in our recent episodes, but i assure you that we love it and eat it regularly. Please remember you can submit your own random question about anything, and use a fake email if you want to stay anonymous.

Other topics that we cover this week would include Time Magazine’s article The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election and how they are pretty much bragging about the theft and fraud of the 2020 elections. We also talk about the acquittal of Trump’s second impeachment charges.

Here are some links to organizations that Ron mentions in this episode:

Second Amendment Foundation

Firearms Policy Coalition

Gun Owners of America

Kids Safe Foundation

This is the video Chris mentions also

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