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Faround and Find Out

This week Chris and myself are joined by our resident Canadian, Alec since Dave couldn’t make it. As usual we make a lot of scenic trips around our topics, but technically we start diving into Kenosha, WI starting with the shooting of Blake. We then talk about the 17 year old stud that defended his life awesomely against a pedo, wife beater, and felon. We finish our little hick through that town with talking about feds being sent in to quell the riots. We talk Facebook and the Zuck with his new viral kill switch. We then turn to the debate of whether lil’ Kimmy is in a coma or not. In between and after we find out why Alec is armored up, what toy Chris has, what toy Alec has to wait for the government to approve him getting, and I vent about 9mm die sets.

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