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On this week’s episode Dave, John, and Luke are your hosts. First topic on the agenda, a question from the Discord channel about buying silver before getting into current events. The news that the Dudes chime in with their two cents start out with a CDC warning about an uptick in measles. How about a Supreme Court Justice that thinks the 1st Amendment shouldn’t restrict the government. The Dudes talk about “bail reform” laws in New York and New Mexico with recent news of four people in NY that dismembered two murder victims could not be held on bail because that apparently is not a holding offense. The Dudes talk about a transcript from the January 6 commission that conservative media is claiming it says, but it doesn’t. The Food and Drug Administration has agreed to remove and retire all claims that Ivermectin can’t treat covid to get a lawsuit against them dismissed in a Texas court. Finally, don’t worry, none of the $1.2 trillion spending bill that congress just pushed through will pay for $30 pride flags to be flown over State Department properties.

Due to a busy week, John doesn’t have a John Down Under segment. For those of you that watch the video or the livestream and are asking yourself what Vegemite taste like, here is the *Amazon link. Don’t same you were never warned. On Dave’s History Class, Dave talks about “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death”. On this week’s Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prepping, Luke talks about reloading a little. Luke talks about Lee Precision for a good value option. Here is the Modern Reloading Handbook that Luke was trying to show on the livestream, but couldn’t find his copy during the podcast. On the Herb of the Week, Luke talks about *ginger (UPDATE: DO NOT USE WILD GINGER WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL HELP). All this and more on this episode of Those 3 Dudes.

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