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On this week’s episode, the Dudes are John and Luke with Alec, Chris, and Dave all with other prior engagements. John and Luke start the current events this week with Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin an how hypocritical the states and statist are being over his journalism. Then the Dudes talk about Biden getting out of charges relating to mishandling of classified documents over his lack of competence, will the 25th amendment actually get used on this one?

This week John has a new John Down Under segment. John talks about the aviation industry in Australia. On Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prepping segment, Luke talks about seed starting before or after your last frost date. The grow lights that Luke mentioned are the *Barrina 2 foot grow lights from Amazon. This week’s Herb of the Week is the second flower from the old poem Roses Are Red, and that is that Violet are blue. The violet or *viola family of flowers along with having nutritious factors, have a history of being used medicinally as well for the lymphatic system. All this and more on this week’s episode.

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