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BTC Not Just Nerds

Welcome to a brand new episode of Those 3 Dudes, and this week three of the Dudes make it. This week Dave, John, and Luke are here for your entertainment purposes and hopefully not bore you to death. The show starts out with Luke apologizing and explaining the reason that last week’s show was cancelled. Dave catches up after being out with illnesses for the past few weeks and gives an update on how he’s doing. About the only current event the guys talk about is the over turning of a concealed carry policy of Pennsylvania.

John doesn’t do a John Down Under segment this week, instead he has another rant about the government if his state of New Mexico. Dave’s History Class segment is also forgone this episode due to his recent illness, but Dave and Luke both chime in on John’s rant. Luke does have segment for Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prepping, and hopefully he does not bore you. Luke talks about bitcoin and tries to give you non-nerdy tips for getting started and why you should. Luke suggested coinbase or Strike to get started buying bitcoin with dollars. Exodus is the software (hot) wallet he recommended, and the Speed Wallet is the Lightning wallet that Luke and John demonstrated fast micro transfers from on the show, make sure to only download wallet apps and programs from the links provided from the creator’s websites to avoid malware. Luke will answer any questions he can and has a lot more detail and steps of how to through the discord server, if you have any for him, otherwise he recommended Bitcoin.Rocks for more info and articles to get started and more. For this weeks herb of the week segment, Luke talks about the historical benefits of *feverfew. All this and more on this weeks episode.

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