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Catching Up

In this week’s episode of Those 3 Dudes, John and Luke try to catch up on some news items that they missed in the past two weeks off. This week Dave was out sick so we livestreamed on John’s Kick, go give it a follow to catch our livestreams in the future as well.

After catching up with each other, the Dudes start getting into news stories that were put in the Notable News section of the Dudes Discord server. They start by talking about the US Army trying to make peace with and hopefully get back troops that were discharged due to the Covid vaccine mandates. John brings up a recent interview featuring Elon Musk talking Twitter/X advertisers. The new Speaker of the House released “all” the January 6th CCTV videos the the public. Apparently CNBC isn’t seeing the ratings anymore for climate change, so they change their program staffing in that area. The United Nations has recently released a 59 page plan to “protect” freedom of expression on the internet, you can guess what they mean by freedom. All this and more on this weeks episode.

Sorry, there is no John Down Under segment this week or Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prepping segment. Remember though that there is a 30% off sale going on in the Dudes gear shop right now. Luke recommends that you start thinking about your garden or starting a garden for next year, the seed catalog that he shows in the livestream is from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and his favorite seed company is Victory Seeds.

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