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Just Don’t Comply

On this week’s episode of Those 3 Dudes, it is once again only John and Luke. The Dudes talk a little about Ukraine and armor piercing munitions and the Shannon Brandt ruling. John lectures Luke on his choice of carry methods as both the guys spend time talking about and looking at holster options for Luke’s new Kel Tec P15 pistol. This would be a good episode to watch the Odysee video. By the way, all new videos on our Odysee will be free to watch from now on, click the picture below to watch it.

This week on John Down Under, John doesn’t talk about Aussie related material unless you count tyranny. John talks about the Governor of New Mexico declaring an emergency act of tyranny. Check out the new shirt in the gear shop dedicated to this topic, and New Mexico residents get a discount till October 15th. On Luke’s Farm/Garden and Prepping, Luke talks about being prepared for future mandates and shortages. Stocking up on items that are common sense like food, water, and medicine that you already use is never a bad idea. This weeks medicinal plant is slippery elm, also known as red elm. All this and more on this weeks episode.

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