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The Liberty Solution

This week Dave, John, and Luke are joined by special guest and author, Derek R. Wills. Derek is the author of The Liberty Solution, a treatise on the philosophy of liberty and natural law. In the episode, he discusses what inspired him to write the book, what he went through in the process, and what he has coming next. When we open up the comments for questions from the Twitch stream It was a great interview with a great person and we look forward to reading his next book too.

Cover of Time Magazine “Guns In America”, Derek is in upper right corner between “TXG” sign and end of picture

After the interview, the dudes along with Mr. Wills get into topics from the week. First up is the failing bank system and failing dollar. We also talk about Michigan’s new anti-gun laws and how much more free Dave is in North Carolina. Of course we get into a debate over Alec Baldwin’s verdict and Luke gets schooled by John. On John Down under, John talks about Anzac Day in Australia. In Dave’s History Class, Dave talks about the siege in Waco, TX. Luke talks about his gardening progress for the spring on Luke’s Farm and Garden. All this and more on this episode.

Derek’s links to follow and stay up to date with him:

Full video available on Odysee

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