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The Koala Mask

Dave, John, and Luke are back after having Easter week off from the show. In this episode the jump around a little bit. They talk a little about the collapse of the US Dollar. The leaked pentagon documents by a 21 year old National Guard member. Here is the Glenn Beck video John mentions as well. White House Press Secretary rear-ended another driver, don’t worry, State-funded media says she was not intoxicated although witnesses have said that may not be accurate. Bud light’s new marketing tactics, and our take on it. All that and so many more rabbit holes.

On Dave’s History Class, he recognizes the anniversary of Margaret “The Iron Lady” Thatcher’s death. On John Down Under, John talks about Holsworthy Army base in New South Wales. On Luke’s Farm & Garden, he talks about his decision to incorporate solitary bees into his garden this year.

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