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No New Episode This Week

Happy December! I just wanted to give everyone an update. No worries, the Dudes will be back, hopefully next week. I know I haven’t ever published one of these updates before, so that might make some of you nervous, but I am trying to keep you all more updated now. This week’s episode just had a lot of road blocks. As most of our long time followers know, my job gets very intense this time of year and usually has me throwing together stuff on the fly for my segments. Dave had a very important prior family engagement and as I tell the Dudes, our families are more important than the show. Alec is fighting against a more dangerous illness than the vids, probably a cold or the flu and although I wanted to witness him hopped up on cold medicine; Alec needs to rest. I didn’t want to force John to carry the whole show this week, so I told him to give his liver a rest this week.

All that being said, I’d like to remind everyone that might suffer from a Dude’s withdraw that you can always go back and listen to some older episodes. We are always active on our Discord as well, even if it may not always look like it, we are on there. I also remind you that most of our videos are on Odysee. Yes, they cost around 10 LBC tokens each, but I believe Odysee gives you 200 free when you join for free and otherwise last I looked LBC tokens are going for around 2 cents each right now. Also you can always support us by purchasing something from our gear shop and spreading the word of the Dudes. Until next week, keep your powder dry.

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