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Almost There

Welcome to another amazing episode with Dave, John, Chris, and I. We are almost to our 100th episode and we can not wait, it will be our Halloween episode along with 100 so come check out the livestream on Twitch next week. In this weeks episode we get caught up on some not so current events that are relevant. We talk about Florida Surgeon General’s recommendations and how the CDC countered; Paypal’s true intentions, even more injustice for Ross Ulbricht; BU is trying to kill us with the next strain; Musk might get out of buying Twitter; and the Starbuck’s barista might have to wait for their student loan debt forgiveness. In Dave’s History Class, Dave talks about the British surrender at Yorktown. John Down Under explains the sport of Cricket to us. For my Farm and Garden segment I talk about preparing for the shorter day-light of winter. All that and more in this weeks episode. I hint about it, but we will be doing a giveaway in our Discord group probably on our 100th episode, so join now if you haven’t already.

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