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Biden, Greenwald, and Guns

This week Alec, Dave, and I talk about all three topics in the title with extra scrutiny on guns and our passions for them. As normal we start out with what we did for our own liberty last week which ended with Alec getting feedback on what kind of 5.56 firearm he could actually own in Canada.

One of the options for Alec’s next purchases

This weeks anonymous question of the week was “What is the most important to do for preparing for winter?”, in which we all decided was supposed to be what disaster prep we would suggest doing to prepare for the coming cold winter. To get your own question featured on the podcast, please use the question form.

The current events that we cover this week include Dave looking for Hunter Biden’s Pornhub channel and discussing briefly that it was discovered that he had a family member in some of the videos. Then some good news coming out of Ohio as federal, state, and local law enforcement save 109 victims of human trafficking and arrest 177 people involved. Next we talk about Glenn Greenwald’s resignation from the not so free speech platform he co-founded for free speech. We talk about a Michigan judge once again shutting down government officials trying to legislate illegally. How about we talk about the death of higher education after that. Alec and I touch again on the pandemic killing the dying to include industry and business. All that and more in this weeks episode.

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