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Sociopath Social Media

This week Chris and I are joined by the fourth dude in the bunch, seriously we should give Alec a spot on the bio page. Unfortunately Alec’s favorite host, Dave, wasn’t available this week due to some prior engagements, so we are greatly appreciative that Alec could help us out. First things first, after talking about what Chris was fondling on camera (unfortunately for those Supporting members and Only Fans subscribers, the video feed recording crashed before you could see his new toy), we go around and talk about what we did for personal liberty last week. This weeks listener troll question was, “what would you spend $1000 on right now if you won it in a drawing”, the answers are not that shocking. Get your own questions answered too by submitting them on the question form on the sidebar (bottom on mobile version) of our website.

The events of last week that we break down include the Department of Justice lawsuit against google for antitrust violations. This story quickly leads to the above video by Project Veritas exposing the bias search results that Google manipulates, which unfortunately like Alec mentions, those of us from the pro second amendment demographic know all to well already whereas the majority of people do not care that they are manipulated or are in plain denial. We touch on the subpoenas that Facebook and Twitter received to appear for another congressional hearing for their anti-1st amendment practices. After talking about the sociopaths of social media; we move on to Paypal, cryptocurrency, and Fedcoin. Fedcoin is not your friend or free money, even if that is what they end up trying to peddle it as. Is the Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court inadvertently helping with the possible (highly likely) unrest coming after the election? Finally, is Trump finally attempting to “drain the swamp” by removing protections for deep-state federal policy-making employees? All this and more in this episode.

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