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Welcome to the Rice Fields

This was a full week with a lot of topics for Dave, Chris, and I to cover. With a broad range of topics starting off with the latest on the Breonna Taylor shooting. How about going right in to the DOJ’s official recognition of three cities as “jurisdictions permitting violence and destruction of property” and most likely losing their federal funding, but don’t worry hipsters; celebrities will probably bail you out. Next we talk about the possible attempt on Trump’s life with an envelope containing ricin. I guess we have to of course cover Ginsberg’s death, not much really to say except she passed away and now she will be replaced, by the way bleeding heart liberals, stop saying she lead the way for women in the supreme court when she wasn’t the first. How about we also talk about Edward Snowden’s not so much agreement with the federal government along with Julian Assange’s possible pardon agreement.

Before we start with our topics this week, we begin with a new segment talking about what each of us did last week to improve our personal liberty in our lives.

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